How to Lose Arm Fat: 8 Exercise Tips to Get Rid of the Loose Flesh in Your Triceps

Published: 23rd October 2008
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Techniques on how to lose arm fat vary from food planning to exercise to ordinary daily activities. But one thing is for sure, a single technique is not enough. Incorporating a properly planned diet with arm exercises and disciplined daily routines is the only way one can be successful in reducing the wiggle under one's arms.

Flabby arms, like love handles, are some of the most inevitable addition to a person's physique as he or she gets older. But there is no reason to despair. A bit of persistence and diligence can help you get rid of those flabs in your triceps.

Arm exercises:

1) Diamond pushups - Use your fingers to create a diamond shape while doing sets of pushups. Four to five times a week of doing this would give you noticeable results.

2) Tricep dips - Use a material with a solid surface, like a table. Facing away from the table, place the heels of your hands on the edge and slowly walk your legs away from your body. With your weight on your hands, lower your body slowly. Do this 15 times in three sets.

3) Weight-lifting - This is the most common technique to get firm arms. The frequency and the weight of what you're going to lift would depend on whether you just want to have firm triceps or you want your arms to bulge with muscles. Take it easy at the start, though, since sudden lifting of heavy weights can cause injuries.

4) Backward lifts - Stand with your legs apart. Holding dumbbells in each hand, lift your arms backward slowly and as far as you can go. The hands should be facing backwards in this routine.

5) Tricep extensions - Hold a dumbbell in both hands and raise the arms over the head until your elbows are forming a 90-degree angle. Do this for at least 30 times.

Additional arm-firming tips:

1) Watch what you eat - If you want to lose the flabs in your arms, you need to work on the tone of your whole body.

2) Choose a physical fitness program that uses all parts of your body, particularly the arms - When you're in a gym, choose the exercise equipment that can work your arms out, like an elliptical machine or rowing equipment.

3) Do regular stretches - If you're sitting in front of your computer or behind your desks for long periods of time, take time to stretch every hour. Stand up and stretch your arms and your whole body to relieve muscle fatigue and to allow your blood to circulate.

The techniques on how to lose arm fat are quite simple. What you need to remember is that getting rid of the loose flesh in your triceps cannot be done with dieting or exercising alone, you need to combine these two plus a bit more to achieve your goal.

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